What’s Your Weakness?

Identify and Improve

Improve your communication skills. Develop your management team. Watch your staff step up to deliver amazing customer service.

We have a training for that. We deliver presentations, small group trainings or one-on-one coaching.

Become an effective leader through practice. Scott Human Resources offers customized leadership training programs and staff development training programs that will elevate performance while improving communication. Invest in your managers by providing small group or one-on-one executive coaching.

Acknowledge Weakness

Every leader, manager and employee has strengths and weaknesses. You might struggle with time management or maybe you avoid having difficult conversations. In a well-rounded organization or a well-developed team, our strengths and weaknesses should balance out so the organization runs smoothly. But what if it doesn’t? What if you’re hiring for the same position month after month because new hires kept leaving? What if your department is full of conflict and you don’t know how to resolve it?

Improve with Focused Education

Here’s the good news. Each of us can improve with training and education. Your staff (yes, even that challenging one) can be effectively coached to better performance. Outdated business practices, whether in hiring or managing staff, benefit from fresh perspectives and current best practices. That is exactly where Scott Human Resources can come alongside your business and offer customized education experiences to address your needs.

The certified professionals of Scott Human Resources deliver high-energy, engaging and effective training on a wide variety of hr topics. In the last year, Scott HR heard from many clients and colleagues in Topeka and Northeast Kansas asking for one-on-one leadership training, small group management coaching and team building training. We heard them and we delivered.

Benefits of Training

Education is most effective when the student has the opportunity to immediately practice what he has learned. This is one of the reasons we don’t retain much of what we hear at conferences and seminars, despite feeling inspired during the presentation. Trainings from Scott Human Resources are delivered with action items and have immediate practical application to support skill development and retention.

Here are some of the reasons our clients invest in trainings:

  • Plan for the future by developing leaders within their staff
  • Build stronger teams for unity and growth
  • Improve managerial performance and communication through focused education (which improves employee retention and performance as well)
  • Unite department heads and align performance with vision
  • Improve customer service to WOW levels
  • Strengthen hiring and onboarding practices to reduce turnover

Small group or one-on-one trainings are simply more effective than large-scale presentations. Every training can be customized for your industry, your major needs and your employees. Any investment in training to improve your professional skills or those of your team will bring benefits to your business.

Top Training Topics

Team Building

Just because you have a department, doesn’t mean you have a team. Foster unity to create a strong team through trainings on team communication and feedback, maximizing diversity, becoming a team facilitator and effectively facilitating meetings. To truly solidify an existing team, tap into the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ training.

Customer Service

Customer service can make or break your business. Empower your team with customized trainings on magical customer service, successful conflict resolution, partnering with your customer and more. Frequent trainings are a great way to communicate service expectations to your front line staff.

Human Resources Development

Stop hiring the wrong people! Replace outdated HR activities with proven best practices in recruitment, hiring, onboarding, coaching, employee discipline and performance. Sexual harassment and policies is an absolutely recommended training for every business and organization.

Staff Development

Your staff are your business’s most valuable asset. Invest in their development and ease your common employee challenges with a customized training in office communication, goal setting, responses to conflict, maximizing staff potential and coping skills.

Management & Supervisory Development

Studies show that the number one reason employees leave is because of the relationship with their supervisor. We can train supervisors to build trust, loyalty and confidence with their employees. Even seasoned managers experience new challenges and can benefit training in employee empowerment, improving communication with staff and adapting leadership style to the team.

Time Management

There is no greater skill for business professional than time management. Maximize your potential by working smarter, not harder and following proven time management techniques. Focused trainings on goal setting (and accountability), optimizing meetings, project management and time wasters will make a difference for you and your management team.

Radically Intentional Series

As a director, leader or manager, it’s your job to unlock the potential within your staff and hire the best candidate possible. Your day is filled with deadlines and noise, rushing from one task to another, putting out fires and making do. Better than anyone, you understand the illusion of working hard without making noticeable progress. Learn how to be Radically Intentional with expectations, core values, conversations, leadership, and employees, and see your team succeed.

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Training Leaders

Cynthia B. Stotlar-Hedberg, HR consultant

“Cynthia is highly knowledgeable in the field of human resources and work-related topics. She’s a wonderful speaker, always engaging the audience and making it a personalized experience. Professional, personal, trustworthy and the best in her industry. “ Valerie W. – Client

Cynthia Stotlar-Hedberg

Bringing more than 30 years of HR experience, Cynthia has a special love for training. She delivers fun and high-energy trainings that encourages participation and enhances the learning experience. Satisfied clients report that attendees enjoy the training program while their managers love that they return knowing what to do differently to be successful.


“Kristin did a fabulous, wait… AWESOME job today! It was enjoyable, informative and I know there are a couple key thoughts that I’ll keep with me. Thanks!” – Attendee at the Kansas Society of CPAs training

Kristin Scott

Your enthusiastic HR expert! After more than 19 years in the human resource industry, Kristin is motivated by providing real solutions for HR challenges and building relationships that last. She believes that the best choice an executive can make is to invest in themselves and their team with training, education and continued support. Skill development and learning should never stop!