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No One Likes Annual Reviews

Annual reviews hurt your team and waste your time. Performance coaching improves staff development and enhances performance. Are you investing in your people? 

As diverse as corporate America is, there is one thing most managers and workers can agree on. As a means of developing and retaining staff, the annual performance review system stinks. In many businesses and organizations, the annual performance review is a perfunctory task that employees dread and managers despise. Studies show that receiving negative feedback discourages even the best performers and diligent employees. But don’t toss out your performance management system altogether! Aim for more frequent conversations and clear, performance-enhancing conversations rather then discussing the issue just once a year.

Just Talk to Me!

Imagine if your spouse saved all positive and negative feedback up for a full year before sharing it with you! Don’t you want to know how you’re doing on a regular basis? Just like any successful relationship, your team members need regular communication and personal interaction to thrive. Instead of a once-a-year performance review, schedule monthly or quarterly meetings to discuss performance. Frequent conversations enables the employee to more easily modify their behavior in areas that need improvement while regular recognition for their successes bolsters positive behaviors. The true goal of performance management is to build skills, guide expectations and open the lines of communication and trust.


One Simple Change to Improve Performance

Sounds like that takes a lot of time? It really doesn’t. If you consider that it is your team members that deliver services to your customers, it is truly your team members that keep customers coming back or deciding to go somewhere else. Dedicating just 20 minutes a month to each team member will build relationships that will directly improve your customer’s experience. In fact, research shows that companies that set performance goals quarterly generate 31% greater returns from their performance process than those who do it annually, and those who do it monthly get even better results. Why would you choose to ignore that?

Are You a Boss or Leader?

The modern business world needs to embrace performance management style skills. The idea that a manager’s role is to boss people – literally tell them what to do – is an aging relic of business. To develop your team, you must have leaders who seek to unlock people’s potential and stewards to care for those they lead. A successful performance review process creates the circumstances in which your team and their leaders can thrive. Start today to watch your team make positive improvements with agility, speed and passion while aligning to your organization’s core values and goals.


Your Next Step in Performance Coaching

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Coaching Makes a Difference

Research shows that frequent and consistent conversations regarding performance is incredibly more effective than once-a-year reviews. In fact, companies that set performance goals quarterly generate 31% greater returns from their performance process than those who do it annually. Those who set performance goals monthly get even better results.