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Handbooks, Harassment and The Law

As a business grows, the laws and regulations it must adhere to become increasingly complex.

Ensure that your business is legally compliant today, tomorrow and in the future with a compliance check from Scott Human Resources.

Legal compliance is the core of a business prepared to grow. How do you keep up with legal changes that affect your employees and your business? Scott Human Resources is your partner in ensuring your business is legally compliant with recent state and federal laws.

Federal and state laws change rapidly; ensure compliance with FLSA, FMLA, COBRA, I9s, harassment and more. It’s our priority to stay abreast of the ever-changing legal climate and to quickly communicate those changes to our clients.


Employee Handbooks

Clearly communicate expectations to employees and ensure legal compliance in your employee handbooks. We can review and create handbooks that are current with workplace trends, introduce policies, and alleviate confusion.

Legal Compliance Quiz

Can you correctly answer these questions?

1. The form I-9 is required by the I.R.S. for every employee hired to verify identity and eligibility to work in the U.S. Which of the following statement regarding the I-9 is true?
A. The I-9 can only be completed on paper and mailed/faxed.
B. The I-9 has a filing fee of $5 per form.
C. The I-9 form has remained the same since 2011.
D. The I-9 form was last updated in 2017 and new hires must use the current form.


2. Which of the following statements have been ruled as overly broad and illegal to be included in your Employee Handbook?
A. Be respectful of the employees
B. Do not discuss customer information outside of work
C. Do not defame the company
D. All of the above


3. Employee Handbooks help:
A. Protect the company
B. Clarify expectations
C. Outline policies and benefits for employees
D. All of the above


4. Job descriptions should include:
A. Reporting structure
B. Physical requirements
C. Accountability measurements
D. Employee’s signature
E. All of the above


How did you do? Do you know what your company’s biggest liability is?

The answers are: 1) D; 2) D; 3) D; 4) E.

Need Help?

Get an expert opinion. Rest assured that your business and materials are legally compliant with a compliance check from Scott Human Resources.

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